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Health and Wellbeing practitioner and nutrition coach who specialises in working with both businesses and 1-2-1 clients on all aspects of positive change.
Overall Wellness is the combination of both physical and mental health through greater understanding empowerment and education of how positive change can be so impactive.
Allow me to come to your business with a Wellness training day or workshop to show how we can all make small changes for the better.
How about having 1-2-1 sessions with staff to help them create the worklife balance we all so deserve.
Lets talk about healthy eating, snacking, hydration, planning and preparation, habit and goal setting, stress, shift work, becoming and staying active, exercise, weight loss or gain.
Have that bespoke conversation with me a coach who shows true empathy and understand in the real world where life is not always that simple, but it is the simple changes that so often work for us.
Become awesome - stay awesome.

“Engagement was really positive - Daz's informative, relaxed style made the group comfortable discussing issues they encounter in their business every week”
Jon Hurrell Chief Executive of the Cornwall Manufacturing Group.


My Plant based eBook with great recipes and meal planner
My High Protein eBook with over 50 recipes and two week meal planner